Tuesday, August 2, 2011

hey mom....mom....MOM!

cool beans mom, thanks, it was alot fun to make...

this is the real reason i drew this pretty picture:


or simply...

pop da trunk

a sewed bean

found a brick at merry place


so be init!

its your birthday again and you have no choice!

but we know you have a voice!

happy birthday to them kids, eatin outta fridges

the pleasure is all yours from locational technological happenstand



remind yourself to shareyour riches

what greed gets ya is gluttony nothings buried for pumpkins

carved wickedly to illuminate the hate and scare mummies

sewwed please remember mummy's only got



and a baby is only cute

the first time he poops

the rest is your responsibility

you poop too? i know you do!

glazed kid


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

cause-sun under construction

we heard it was your birthday . . .

well . . .
much like you, this empty text vessel will soon be birthed as æ well . . .

check back on another birthday to peep some freshies...

ænd in the mean time...check out what has been freshly birthed...

what new, whats news, whats known

ooo...we can smell the pleasent placenta can you?